About: Acceptances

So you’ve applied to become a Golden Hawk – it’s mid-January and some of your friends have already gotten their acceptances but you haven’t gotten yours yet – what does this mean?

Laurier sends out their acceptances in three rounds:

  • December/January – offers made at this time are based on your top 5 grade 11 marks
  • February/March – offers made at this time are based on your average in 6 courses using your first semester grade 12 marks and some grade 11 marks
  • April/May – this final round of acceptances is sent out based on your top 6 grade 12 marks (semester 1 final marks and semester 2 midterms)

If you don’t get accepted in the first round, then your application gets pushed to the second round, and so on. If  you aren’t accepted during the first round, don’t despair! Even if you have a higher average than your program requirement, more competitive programs often wait until April/May before sending out acceptance offers (ex. double degree programs with the University of Waterloo).

All offers of admission are conditional until early or mid July when final grade 12 marks are received and processed by Admissions. The condition to be met is an average that has to be maintained for your program, typically much lower than the admission requirement for your program and/or the average you were accepted with.

I applied to three programs at Laurier – Business Administration (BBA), BBA/BA Financial Math, and BBA/BMath (Laurier/University of Waterloo (UW)). I applied in late December and received offers of admission for both the BBA and BBA/BA programs; my grade 11 average was around 93%. My offer of admission for the double degree with UW came in April; my average at this time was 93.8%.



I won’t talk about how to apply to Laurier since the application itself depends on where you’re applying from, as well as the requirements, but here’s where you can find some basic information about the application process. Anything I post pertaining to applications or acceptances will be from my experience as an Ontario high school student. 

Quick Intro

I decided to make this blog to help me sort through my thoughts about starting (and trying to survive) university and at the same time, hopefully help other people who might be having. I’ll be starting school at Wilfrid Laurier University in the fall in the BBA/BA Financial Mathematics program and I’ll be staying in Bricker, an apartment-style residence. Laurier_class_of_2021_img (1)